About us

Intengu Communications is a multi-platform media agency whose core operational philosophy centres on conceptualising and implementing holistic and integrated communications solutions.

Wholly Eastern Cape-based, the company draws on multiple layers of expertise and experience across numerous sectors which – while unquestionably of a national and international standard – are nevertheless steeped in the distinctive socio-economic landscape of the province.
This distinctive regional specificity, honed by nine years’ extensive experience working with both the public and private sectors throughout the province, privileges Intengu with a unique ability to not only deliver the most effective, most efficient communication services our clients demand, but also to anticipate challenges and to drive effective solutions to these challenges.
Having worked expansively with both established and emerging brands, we are able to tailor-make company-specific communication and marketing strategies which are fully cognisant of individual requirements as well as unique brand applications.
Thus – drawing on the vast skill, experience and intellectual capacity of a core implementation team of communicators, public relations specialists, graphic artists and sector managers – Intengu Communications  offers as our umbrella value proposition the ability to establish holistic partnerships that drive innovative, results-specific  communication solutions.


Intengu’s creative team includes numerous seasoned editors, journalists and specialist copywriters, all of whom have worked extensively in the province. This depth of experience not only guarantees a high level of industry-specific skill and expertise, but also a deep contextual knowledge of the individualised social, economic and political landscapes in which we operate.

Our core media team is supported by a strong graphic design studio whose creative outputs are widely celebrated not only for their visual impact but also their functionality, resourcefulness and artistic flair. Our studio has worked extensively in developing impactful media relations campaigns, brand awareness drives and print, digital and online advertising solutions for a diverse stable of clients, as per the ensuing portfolio.
Collectively, our editorial and design teams have worked extensively with both the public and private sectors to develop impactful media messages, build contextual knowledge and drive effective, message-centred media campaigns.

Our awards

Award for “outstanding business practices” as a finalist in Category B of the Border Kei Chamber of Business (BKCOB) Business of the Year competition in 2009.

The Executive Dean’s Award from Walter Sisulu University (WSU) Faculty of Business Management Sciences and Law for the “Best Community Member” in 2008.

Award acknowledging “the contribution made by Intengu Communications towards the upliftment of the Eastern Cape through dedication and commitment” from Buffalo City Public FET College in 2007.

Award for “The Most Customer-Orientated Consultant” from the East London Industrial Development Zone (ELIDZ) in 2005.