New media

Far from being merely a second-tier communication add-on, the importance of digital and new media skills have grown exponentially over the last few years to become an essential arrow in the communication quiver. But while most companies have at least a functional understanding of the importance of this emerging landscape, there is widespread misunderstanding about the depth and complexity of skills that are required.
As a result, many companies are appeased merely by the existence of a company website or a social media presence, be it Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, without having developed a full appreciation of the power and potential social media offer. Similarly, most companies who do embrace digital media fail to effectively utilise this medium beyond commissioning a corporate DVD which gets flighted only occasionally.
Intengu’s core value proposition in this regard is a thorough understanding not only of the importance of social and digital media as part of an integrated communication strategy, but also the development of effective new media messages and – crucially – the development of creative
implementation strategies to fully actualise the potential of
these messages.
While we pride ourselves on being able to offer our clients the highest
levels of technical expertise, we are proudest of our creative skills in
this arena, and our ability to conceptualise and deliver effective,
holistic and enduringly penetrative new and digital media campaigns.

• website development
• web advertisments
• multimedia DVDs
• e newsletters and flyers
• sms campaigns
• search engine optimisation